There is a dead raccoon in my yard; how do I dispose of it?

It is not recommended under any circumstances to dispose of raccoons yourself. This is to prevent you from contracting harmful diseases and to prevent you from being infected by viruses that raccoons may carry. The best way to deal with the disposal of a raccoon is to contact a wildlife removal service to take care of this issue effectively and safely. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Kitchener to solve your raccoon problem!


This is to ensure that the proper measures are being taken. Coming into contact with any decomposing carcass might have long-term negative consequences on your health even with the proper personal safety equipment it is still not a good idea to engage in this task by yourself as an intended contact might be harmful to you and should only be done by a trained professional that is licensed to dispose of the raccoon in compliance with Ontario law.

Disposing of raccoons yourself may inadvertently also lead to contaminating other people around you indirectly or directly. It is not advised to bury the animal in any circumstances as this soil may get contaminated and might leave a strong odor behind that is hard to get rid of therefore it is advised to call a reputable disinfection service based in the greater Toronto area to get rid of the odor and bacteria that might have accumulated around the area. Make sure to keep children out of reach as ingestion of any contaminated soil might infect the children.  

Drastic measures are being implemented all around the world to halt the spread of COVID-19. The effects of the Coronavirus are also being felt at home with multiple cases reported in Ontario. With the government’s shutdown of public school and giving out warnings to people to avoid gatherings of all sorts and the unknown nature of the COVID-19. It is highly recommended to practice proper personal hygiene, washing hands, and disinfecting property that is used daily. While little information is known about the virus, the likelihood that raccoons and other animals might be a carrier is high. Our technicians are dedicated with giving you the best service possible in the turbulent times we all are going through, and that extra emphasis should be given on practicing social-distancing and