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A commonly known fact about pigeons is that they are extremely sociable creatures. They move around in groups and do not fear the presence of humans, thanks to the close proximity they have had with the human race for several centuries now. You are likely to see humans and pigeons in close tandem with each other and either would not be intimidated by the familiarity. But this sight is mainly seen in public places where humans are even known to feed seeds and grains to these birds. The actual problem arises when pigeons interfere in your life by building nests and breeding in your home or on your office property.

Pigeons infest in packs so at a single time you could have anywhere between 25 to 35 pigeons nesting or roosting in your home or office. The mess created by their droppings in your home, on your roof, patio or gardens and walkways is huge and cleaning it is an even bigger task.

We at Pigeon Removal 226-773-3611 provide special bird removal and control services to help you get rid of unwanted pigeon infestations that hinder your activities at home and at work. Our products and removal techniques are humane and we can exclude all the pigeons and their fledglings from your premises without causing harm to the birds or to the humans present on the property.

Pigeon Infestation Risks

Pigeon droppings are considered one of the major causes of property damages. Their droppings are corrosive in nature and it’s impossible to clean the stains completely. The droppings can create blockages, damage expensive machinery, deface important monuments and damage vehicle exteriors. Pigeon droppings also contain a fungus that affects the health of humans. So if you have a pigeon infestation at home or in your office you would want to get rid of it before your loved ones or employees get affected. Diseases caused by pigeon droppings include histoplasmosis, psittacosis and salmonella. These mainly affect the respiratory system in humans and are considered dangerous. Pigeons also carry external parasites and ticks that spread easily.


We offer professional wildlife removal and animal control services in Kitchener and Waterloo. We use humane wildlife removal methods and provide prevention services to make sure your property is completely wildlife proofed .

pigeon removal kitchener

If you notice pigeons around your property, you must alert professional removal services that will ensure that these notorious animals are removed from your property immediately and efficiently.

Raccoon Removal Kitchener

Raccoons hide in attics and chimneys. It gets very difficult to get rid of them as they are quick and stealthy in their escape.

Skunk Removal Kitchener

Skunks damage gardens and lawns in search for food. They create burrows under your porch and crawlspace and nest there with their little ones.

Squirrels are known to invade homes in search of shelter, during the winter season. They find warmth and safety in your attic and make their nests there.

Happy Customers

There are a few happy testimonials from our customers.

“I’m happy with the way your staff responded promptly to my request. He came almost immediately and thoroughly inspected my place, discovered that skunks were living around, and set traps for them. The next day he came and removed trapped animals and closed all the places the animals enter from. I must say he did a fantastic job.”
Amy from Kitchener
“It is good to know that those squirrels are completely gone since you guys evicted them and installed your security devices. You can’t begin to imagine how relieved I feel. You guys did an incredibly good job. Thumbs up guys!”
Paul from Kitchener

Other Risks

Pigeons are known to contract diseases. Their droppings accumulate over time and this accumulated mess acts as a host of some really serious diseases. Pigeons also carry ticks, mites and parasites that could cause irritation in humans and pets. While they may seem like harmless creatures, the health perils linked with pigeons cannot be ignored.

Pigeon Infestation Risks

We at Pigeon Removal 226-773-3611 provide you with bird control and removal products that are best at deterring these feathered menaces from your property. We use humane measures to remove these birds from your property and we then put in place some control measures to keep these birds at bay. So you can rest assured that you wouldn’t have another bird infestation in the future. Our services are guaranteed and extremely affordable.

Call us and speak to our technician who would be glad to answer any queries you may have.