How to Remove Squirrels From Your Attic

Squirrels adore the attics because they are dry and warm, which makes them the perfect nesting place. The problem with these little creatures is that they pose a risk to your household because as they gnaw boards as well as electrical wires.

While commercial repellents are effective in speeding up their removal, they may not be considered as a permanent solution in eradicating them. Most squirrel removal professionals recommend a few effective ways to permanently remove these stubborn creatures.

Seal all Holes, Trap, and Remove the Critters

Most professional consider this as one of the best methods to remove squirrels in the attic.

All you have to do is seal every entry hole- most entries are usually roof vents, eave gaps, and soffit. Then create an exit and mount a one-way exclusion door that has a tension flap. The tension flap allows the pests to exit but blocks them from getting back inside the attic.

Alternatively, you can seal all the entry holes, leave one hole open but place a squirrel-sized cage trap. As they exit, they will be trapped and you can remove them. However, you will have to repeat the expulsion process severally until they are all gone.

Use Commercial Squirrel Repellents

When spraying the repellent, focus more on the nesting areas. It’s important to note that a repellent won’t kill the stubborn pests; it will only keep them from coming back as it repels them.

Soak Several Rags in Ammonia

Soak a few rags in ammonia and place them in strategic positions, especially spots you suspect they are living in. The pungent smell of ammonia will drive them away.

Leave the Attic Lights On

Besides leaving the lights on, you can also install flashing strobe lights. The lights will make the feel uncomfortable and uneasy and eventually, they will disappear.

Place a Loud Speaker in the Attic

Place an ultrasonic repellent inside the attic or leave the radio on. Ensure that the sound is not too loud for you to hear, but make it too loud for the critters. The sounds will make the attic unbearable for them.

Remember to check for young ones that might have been left behind in the nests. Make sure that the removal process is final and that no more squirrels will invade your attic again.