How to Raccoon Proof your Garage 

How to Raccoon Proof your Garage

Our fellow furry Torontonians are known to cause quite the ruckus when it comes to finding food. There is a reason why raccoons have nicknamed trash pandas for a good reason. Raccoons often scour for food in trash bins for the next meal. The trash bin The problem of raccoons digging through your trash has been such a big problem that the local authorities have designed a wildlife proof trash bin to defend ourselves against the greedy paws of the raccoon. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Kitchener to solve your raccoon problem!

It did not take a lot for the raccoons to find out how to open the raccoon-proof trash bins. This attempt has widely been seen as a failure as our smart fellow Torontonians are highly adaptive and innovative. As the fight to deter raccoons from our trash cans trash bins continue so does the need for finding do it yourself solutions. Underneath, you can find some tips to raccoon two raccoon-proof your trash bins.

The first piece of advice is to put out your trash in the morning of pick-up instead of the night before. This is to prevent raccoons from digging through your trash as they are nocturnal animals, meaning that they engage in their activities at night when humans are sound asleep.

 The second piece of advice is to think about the placement of your trash bin. It is best that you please take trash bins in a world protected area and will let area because recommending preferred to darkness when they read your trash bins.

Using animal repellent to deter to raccoons is an effective method as repellents use scent, taste, or a combination of both to keep raccoons as far as possible from your trash bin area.

When you store your trash bins our door it is important that you clean them out and disinfect them regularly to remove their lingering orders and trust residue because of this raccoons can get easily attracted to the smell thinking that the trash bin is full of tasteful food.

As we are dealing with unprecedented times, it is important that you inform your local wildlife removal service when you see a raccoon on your property. Even though little is known about the coronavirus at this moment, it is important that you stay vigilant at all times. As we practice social distancing on a large scale, our technicians will do everything to ensure that the raccoon removal process is as comfortable as possible as we collectively make an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Do not hesitate at all if you see a raccoon on your property as your safety is a priority.