How to get rid of raccoons living near my home?

How to get rid of raccoons living near my home?

Raccoons in Toronto can be known to be very troublesome animals when they have a steady flow of food. As they enter your property, they can do significant damage. Such as tipping over garden decoration, leaving scratches on your fence, and in general causing a ruckus if they gain access to your garage or your attic with the inevitable chance that your attic might be chosen to birth a litter of raccoons. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Kitchener to solve your raccoon problem!


They are notable carriers of a range of diseases that can indirectly infect people. When faced with raccoons, it is strongly advised to call a wildlife removal service to safely remove the raccoon from your property in order to prevent contracting any diseases they spread from coming in contact with the raccoon directly or indirectly. Proceed with caution as they might bite or scratch when they feel threatened. Raccoons are known to cause most of the trouble at night as they are classified as nocturnal animals which make them hard to detect when humans are deep asleep. There are some signs that your garden or your property might have been visited by these nocturnal creatures. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Kitchener to solve your raccoon problem!


Evidence of feeding – you can see tipped over trash cans, damage to your fish pond, spilled or emptied pet food bowl which they have a strong liking to, knocked over bird-feeders, and scattered compost on the ground. There is also a chance that you might see raccoon droppings on your property and pathways if they have been frequenting your garden often.


The main issue with raccoons visiting, is that sources of food may easily be available to them which gives the raccoons an incentive to visit. It is advisable that you secure the trash bin because leaving trash outdoors is a great way to attract raccoons. Raccoons are known to be very fond of pet food. Make sure when the pet food is put outdoors that it should be brought in right before the night to keep raccoons away from finding their next meal. If you keep a bird-feeder in your garden remember to bring it back in at night as a raccoons diet consists of nuts in its natural habitat. One factor that might not be in your power to control is to pick up the fallen fruits and nuts from trees because raccoons will journey to your garden to collect them. A very effective way to deter these urban nuances from accessing your property is to simply put a fence around your garden, fish pound, and any small garden where you might be growing vegetables. An effective way is to install an electric fence but this may not be a solution for anybody who has raccoons I feel a slight electric shock that scares them away. The best way to ensure that raccoons stay away from your property indefinitely is to hire a wildlife removal service To remove the animal, and you have technicians seal off any possible entry points that the raccoons may utilize to get access to your property. The technician hereby conducts a full exterior inspection around the perimeter of the property to limit access in any way possible. 

As we are dealing with unprecedented times, you must inform your local wildlife removal service when you see a raccoon on your property as soon as possible. Even though little is known about the coronavirus at the moment, you must stay vigilant at all times. As we practice social distancing on a large scale, our technicians will do everything to ensure that the raccoon removal process is as comfortable as possible as we collectively make an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Do not hesitate at all if you see a raccoon on your property as your safety is a priority.