How Do You Get Squirrels Out of the Attic?

How Do You Get Squirrels Out of the Attic?

Have you seen squirrels in your attic? Or hanging around outside? This could be a sign that they have created their own nest inside your attic. Read on to learn more about how you can get squirrels out of your attic and some of the problems that come with it. It is recommended calling you local squirrel removal Kitchener company for squirrel control services.

Getting Squirrels Your of Your Attic

Getting those pesky squirrels out of your attic can be more difficult than it sounds. Do-it-yourself traps and ideas can seem like a good idea, but they might cause more harm than good. Trapping and setting the mother squirrel free in the wild can be a bad idea since you are trapping her young inside your attic. Without proper research and an expert there to help, you might end up with a bunch of dead baby squirrels in your attic. If this happens, you could end up with a horrendous smell coming from your attic. It could take a long time to air out your attic.

So, why not hire professionals? Hiring professional wildlife removal experts can prevent any harm done to the baby squirrels. Even when you hire someone, it can take a while for them to find the baby squirrels since they are so small. They can fit in any little space in your attic. It could take a little while for them to find the location. After that, they usually have to pick the babies out by hand since the areas the mother chooses is often really small for humans.

However, if they are about 6 weeks old, they will be big enough for you to catch as they are roaming your attic. Squirrels grow really fast so by then they should be about the same size as their mother.

What Can You Do?

There are always ways to take action before another squirrel decides your house is theirs to keep. You should begin by figuring out all the entry points they could crawl through. Then, you can use some type of steel mesh or other material to close all those open areas they can fit through. You don’t want another squirrel wreaking havoc in your house again.

However, you can keep one opening left so that they can give the squirrel an exit to go through instead of trapping them inside. Although after the squirrels are grown or you get all the squirrels out, you can finally seal the last opening left.

You could also trap them with roof-mounted cage traps only since they are safer for the squirrels. It’s illegal to kill or allow any suffering of squirrels in Canada. So, make sure you want to do this yourself instead of asking for professional help.

Hire a Professional

Are you ready to hire a professional wildlife removal expert? You might not want to bother with handling the delicate baby squirrels yourself or risk killing them by kicking the mother out of the house. The experts are trained to figure out where the squirrels have their babies in your attic and how to gently take the babies out of the house. Their expertise won’t fail you like a lot of do-it-yourself projects result in. Contact a professional wildlife removal company in Kitchener today to make an appointment so you can relax and free all your worries.