How Do You Get a Skunk to Leave?

How Do You Get a Skunk to Leave?

Do you suspect skunks are living on your property? Nobody wants to endure skunks lurking around every corner of their home. Learn more about ways to remove these skunks from your property and how you can prevent them from coming back. Call our expert skunk removal Kitchener services.

What to Know about Skunk Removal

You might have already found signs of a skunk den near your house. They typically leave evidence around, such as leaving holes in your yard, a pile of dirt around your house or shed, or that distinctive scent of a skunk lingering in the air. These are all signs that you might have a skunk problem. You can make sure by putting loose dirt in the holes you find since a reopened hole usually means a skunk has used it again. They could be hiding underneath your house or shed, building their den in the winter months.

You should know that it is illegal to kill or make skunks suffer in Canada. Therefore, you must take smart actions before you go in without a real plan. Doing proper research before starting the removal process can end up with you accidentally sealing up their den with the babies still in there. This could be a disaster since they will end up dead without their mother’s care, creating a disturbing smell underneath your house or around your property. This could become a big problem since it can attract other pests, making your problems escalate.

However, if you decide to use a trap, you will always have to make sure it doesn’t kill the skunk. Then, after you set it up and have them in the trap, you can let them loose 1km away from your house. You don’t want them to walk back to your place again, so that’s why you can’t just drop them off a few feet away.

Professional Experts Can Help

You might want to take care of your skunk problem yourself by designing your own trap or luring them out with by following a piece of do-it-yourself advice. However, the thing about those is that most of the time they will fail and cost you precious time. Why wait and risk the safety of you and your family by letting this issue fester and possibly risk them spreading diseases to you?

Instead, you should take action by calling up professional wildlife removal experts who know exactly how to get these skunks the safest way possible. You won’t have to worry about getting sprayed, catching any diseases, or worrying about accidentally killing them.

Other Steps You Can Take

The good news is that after you call the professional wildlife removal Kitchener experts, you can take some steps to prevent these creatures from coming back. It’s imperative to close off areas that have a big enough opening where skunks can sneak their little bodies in, such as under your porches, decks, and shed. You can use some type of wire mesh, metal sheeting, or other material that you have lying around the house that can seal those areas.

You can also make sure your trash cans are sealed up with a reliable lid and don’t knock over easily during storms or other means. Skunks might come back on a regular basis if your place has trash littered all over your yard since they can eat your scraps and create a den nearby since you are indirectly feeding them. You should also think about risking skunks by having bird feeders and dog food in your front yard since these types of food can also lure skunks into your yard.