How Dangerous are Skunks?

Do you think skunks are dangerous? Most people think skunks are merely annoying due to their pungent smelling spray they will use at their disposal. However, there are more aspects of a skunk that you should know. Read on to learn more about how dangerous skunks can be to you and those around you. Call us for skunk removal Kitchener: 226-773-3611

Skunks Endangering Your Family

Skunks might utilize their spray to defend themselves when they feel someone is threatening them. Of course, no one likes the smell of their spray, but when your pets are sprayed, this can become a different matter. When they spray your pets, it can cause your pets to feel the Skunk Toxic Shock Syndrome. This can happen if they are in a closed-in space with the skunk and the odour is more concentrated since there isn’t enough air and the spray is stronger for your pet. This could become more serious in some pets, so this might cost you a visit to the veterinarian’s office to ensure your pet’s health is okay.

Plus, to be on the safe side, you should also have them check for bites. A skunk bite could become serious since they spread rabies. People usually think skunks aren’t very dangerous, but they can be since if they bite you, they can also spread rabies to you as well. They also might carry other types of diseases like Baylisascaris Columnaris.

This disease can easily be spread when your pet eats the feces of the skunk that’s carrying it. However, the most severe result is if your child plays outside a lot. Their proximity and habits of eating dirt can become more serious since they could end up contracting this type of roundworm disease. Skunks can also spread other diseases such as Leptospirosis, Tularemia, Canine Hepatitis, Listeriosis, Q Fever, and Canine Distemper.

So, you might think skunks are furry little creatures that will spray you when they feel threatened. At first, you might ignore the signs of them making dens on your property, but you should take action as soon as possible. You never know how many can be roaming around your property, endangering your dog when they go out to relieve their business.

Hiring Professionals for Removal

You could remove them from your home by setting up humane traps around areas you have seen them or near their holes in your yard. However, you should know that it is illegal to kill or make them suffer in Canada. This means you can’t use any type of lethal traps that could endanger their life. You should also let them out of the traps at least 1 km away from your household.

To ensure you and your family’s safety, you should consider hiring a professional wildlife removal Kitchener company. Making your own traps or handling these disease-carrying skunks might not be a good idea since you could contract something. Instead, a team of professionals can get the job done quickly and safely for everyone involved. They have the experience to rid your home of any skunk dens that might be lurking underneath your house.