Can Raccoons be completely removed from my property?

Raccoons are not a welcome guest to your house. Adding to the fact that they do not pay rent, they can be noisy, destructive, a scare to pets and can cause illness to you and your family. A raccoon’s presence in your home can also attract other pests like mice and rats. Your big question is “can raccoons be completely removed from my property?” Well, Yes they can. Having answered the question, then you have to know how to best go about this.

When do they invade the property?

It is good to know when raccoons are most bound to come to your property. Raccoons enter your home to seek shelter when they are about to give birth, this is usually between April and September. The safety and warmth in your home is attractive to female raccoons that hide their young ones from males that want to make a meal out of them. They will normally enter into the attic, crawl spaces, garages, basement and any crawl spaces.

Having known this, the most important thing to do is to make sure there are no raccoon entry points. Check the premise for 4-inch holes and seal these off. Prevention is always the first step.

When should you get rid of raccoons?

The answer to this question is; as soon as you detect that there is a raccoon problem. If you wait longer, your problem will be bigger as the litter might grow thus increasing the population and hence the challenge of getting rid of them.

How to get rid of raccoons permanently?

It is possible to rid your property of raccoons completely. As with any pest, having knowledge of their patterns of behavior is key.

  • Use traps to capture raccoons. You can either buy the traps from animal control outlets or improvise your own live traps at home. It is fairly simple. Do not try to handle the trapped animal, raccoons can bite. Call a wildlife control personnel to take over from there.
  • Destroy all food sources from your property. Raccoons like eating small insects. Be sure to kill any insect colonies and the pest will move away.
  • Keep garbage cans well closed and infallible. Raccoons like to look for food from trash cans.
  • Keep pet food away to prevent loss to raccoons which have similar diets as most pets.
  • Call wild animal control personnel to help you handle the problem professionally. They will use effective methods like traps, repellents, vents and block out to control the raccoons. With minor structural maintenance procedures, the professionals will clear the mess to help keep raccoon away.
  • Do not poison raccoons as you don’t want the smell of a dead carcass filling your property.

Having looked at how raccoons enter into the property, where they stay, what they eat and how you can go about getting rid of them, it is possible to make your property raccoon free. It is also important to remember that a racoon removal professional will always give the best solution as opposed to you having to do it yourself. Every action you take should be within your states wild animal laws and regulations.