Are Raccoon Bites Dangerous

Are Raccoon Bites Dangerous?

Have you spotted a lot of raccoons around your property? They might be living nearby or are attracted to your food laying around your place. If you get too close, raccoons could end up biting you, avoid it by calling our raccoon removal Kitchener services. Read on to learn why those bites are dangerous to your health and ways to prevent another occurrence.

Why Raccoon Bites are Dangerous?

Did you know that raccoons are known for carrying a deadly disease: rabies. This is a very serious condition that attacks the brain and can kill a raccoon within 1 to 3 days. Humans can contract this disease if they are bitten by a rabid raccoon.

How do you know if a raccoon is rabid? Here are some signs that you should really watch out for whenever you see a raccoon:

  • Erratic wandering or staggering gait
  • Doesn’t seem to notice noise or nearby movement
  • Discharge from mouth or eye areas
  • Wet and matted hair on the face
  • Repeatedly using high-pitched vocalization sounds
  • Self-mutilation

If you see any of these signs from a raccoon or appear sick in any way, don’t get near the animal. Leptospirosis and roundworm are a couple of other diseases that raccoons can carry if you get bit by one, so make sure you stay clear from them. They might seem harmless but they can attack if their young are nearby. Most raccoons won’t attack humans for no reason, but mother raccoons will protect what’s theirs from anyone who might appear threatening to them.

Of course, if you are bitten by a raccoon, you should seek medical attention right away. Whether the raccoon showed signs of rabies or not, it’s always essential to get a rabies shot just to be on the safe side. Or if your dog gets bitten by one, you should have them visit the family veterinarian to get checked out.

Prevent Raccoons on Your Property

Raccoons are notorious for snooping through your trash. Make sure your trash cans are sealed with good lids. Raccoons might be able to sniff out those food scraps if you don’t have a good enough to keep the trash contained. If this is the case, then raccoons might start using it as a food source and they could stay nearby.


Do you have an attic? Raccoons can enter your household by crawling into your attic, so try to have every entry blocked off from outside your home. Don’t leave any windows left open when you aren’t around. If a raccoon does enter your house, contact professionals right away to get them out. You don’t want raccoons spreading their diseases with the feces or urine.

Contact Professional Wildlife Removal

You should immediately contact a professional wildlife removal company, so they can deal with the issue before the animal attacks a pet, a family member, or your neighbours. Our wildlife removal Kitchener experts are trained to handle raccoons that are rabid, and they can take care of the issue without anyone getting injured or bitten from a raccoon. It’s essential in calling it in since it’s illegal to kill or make a raccoon suffer in Canada. Wildlife is protected by the law in Canada, so you should contact professionals if you see a raccoon act oddly in your neighbourhood or around your house. You never know who you can save from the various diseases that raccoons carry.