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Homeowners are often plagued by the invasion of wildlife animals that create a mess, extensively damage property, spread diseases and fleas and contaminate food and water sources. While some homeowners may attempt to get rid of these miscreants through DIY removal methods that are easily available in the market, some prefer professional removal services to help them get rid of such wildlife in a safe and humane way. While DIY methods may seem easy and affordable, their results are not guaranteed and you may only be able to trap a few of these animals while the rest still co-exist in your home. We at Wildlife Removal Kitchener and Waterloo provide you with safe, reasonably priced and guaranteed wildlife eradication services to suit your needs. Whether you have squirrels, skunks, or raccoons invading your property, we help remove these pest animals, down to the last one, from your property. Call us at 226-773-3611 today and avail our assured services.

Contact Professional Wildlife Removal in Kitchener and Waterloo

Contact our professional wildlife removal services in Kitchener and Waterloo, so we can deal with the issue before the animal attacks your pets, a family member, or your neighbours. Our wildlife experts are trained to handle raccoons, skunks and squirrels. We can take care of the issue without anyone getting injured or bitten. Wildlife is protected by the law in Canada, so you should contact professionals if you see a raccoon act oddly in your neighbourhood or around your house.


We offer professional wildlife removal and animal control services in Kitchener and Waterloo. We use humane wildlife removal methods and provide prevention services to make sure your property is completely wildlife proofed .

pigeon removal kitchener

If you notice pigeons around your property, you must alert professional removal services that will ensure that these notorious animals are removed from your property immediately and efficiently.

Raccoon Removal Kitchener

Raccoons hide in attics and chimneys. It gets very difficult to get rid of them as they are quick and stealthy in their escape.

Skunk Removal Kitchener

Skunks damage gardens and lawns in search for food. They create burrows under your porch and crawlspace and nest there with their little ones.

Squirrels are known to invade homes in search of shelter, during the winter season. They find warmth and safety in your attic and make their nests there.

Happy Customers

There are a few happy testimonials from our customers.

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“I’m happy with the way your staff responded promptly to my request. He came almost immediately and thoroughly inspected my place, discovered that skunks were living around, and set traps for them. The next day he came and removed trapped animals and closed all the places the animals enter from. I must say he did a fantastic job.”
Amy from Kitchener
“It is good to know that those squirrels are completely gone since you guys evicted them and installed your security devices. You can’t begin to imagine how relieved I feel. You guys did an incredibly good job. Thumbs up guys!”
Paul from Kitchener

Hiring Professionals for Wildlife Removal Company

To ensure you and your family’s safety, you should consider hiring a professional wildlife removal company. Making your own traps or handling disease-carrying animals might not be a good idea. Instead, contact our team of professional wildlife removal experts. We can get the job done quickly and safely for everyone involved. We have the experience to rid your home of wildlife such as raccoon, squirrels, skunks. We can remove wildlife from your home by setting up humane traps around areas you have seen them or near their nests in your yard.

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